revealing optimal outcomes for plan sponsors

A company retirement plan is certainly a noble endeavor designed to benefit your loyal employees. At the same time, we realize that as important as it is for you to fulfill your fiduciary duties as a plan sponsor, you still have a company to run. We’re here to help make life easier for you.

Through our years of experience, we know company retirement plans inside and out. We can anticipate the questions you have and have the answers. We know what pitfalls can await plan sponsors because we’ve already seen the consequences. We know how to help improve your plan because we’ve already seen the solutions.

But there is something in which we find even more value, and that is knowing you and helping you to see the things you may not see. While the purpose of the plan may vary, having the right solution in place is critical for you and your employees and your company's viability may depend on it.

At Ridge Retirement Consultants, we leverage our unique experience to serve as your experienced guides every step of the way. We review and use data to create and drive meaningful impact for your plan and your company. When you know that somebody has your back, life can be so much easier.

"We are not only helping employers optimize the viability of their employees ability to retire but also helping ensure that the company itself remains viable."

The Ridge Team